Honouring Those Who Protect Us and Our Country

Monday, September 7, 2015

support-troops-canada-flagWe are fortunate in Canada to have one of the finest and most enviable volunteer armies in the world committed to protecting Canada at all costs.

A volunteer army is made up of soldiers who enlist voluntarily rather than by conscription or mandatory service. That means soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) made the choice to serve and defend our country, regardless of the personal sacrifices required by a soldier and his or her family.


Canadian soldiers are men and women from all corners of our country and they reflect Canadian society in many ways. They support freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights on Canadian soil and around the world. Currently ranked 74th in size compared to other armed forces in the world (by number of personnel), the CAF has a total force of approximately 119,000 soldiers.

The Canadian Armed Forces 

The Canadian Armed Forces are committed to:

  • Protecting Canada and defending our sovereignty by patrolling our coasts, monitoring our skies, leading search and rescue missions, and assisting civilian rescue authorities with disaster relief (forest fires, floods, avalanches, hurricanes, etc.)
  • Defending North America in cooperation with the United States, Canada's closest ally, by working with the United States at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to monitor and defend continental airspace and ocean areas
  • Contributing to international peace and security through operations around the world, most often in partnership with allies from other countries

The CAF serve on the sea, on land, and in the air, with the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army, and the Royal Canadian Air Force – each with its own mandate.

The Royal Canadian Navy

The maritime component of the Canadian Armed Forces has approximately 8,400 full-time sailors and 5,100 part-time sailors. The Royal Canadian Navy protects Canada’s interests by:

  • Safeguarding our maritime approaches
  • Exercising sovereignty over our waters
  • Protecting our offshore natural resources
  • Supporting search and rescue missions
  • Supporting international operations helping to maintain global stability

The Canadian Army

The largest element of the CAF has approximately 22,800 full-time soldiers, 20,000 Reservists, and 5,000 Canadian Rangers. The Canadian Army protects our country by:

  • Defending Canadian territory
  • Maintaining Canada's sovereignty by providing land surveillance and combat-ready forces
  • Contributing to the collective defence of North America
  • Providing armed and unarmed assistance to civil authorities when needed to maintain public order and security
  • Assisting provincial and other authorities with natural disasters including earthquakes, floods, storms, forest fires and other emergencies
  • Supporting Canadian interests abroad, by providing forces to the UN, NATO, and other operations involving more than two nations
  • Serving as peacekeepers
  • Providing humanitarian assistance

The Royal Canadian Air Force

With approximately 13,365 full-time and 2,035 Reserve airmen and airwomen, the Royal Canadian Air Force protects Canada’s skies by:

  • Defending Canadian airspace
  • Conducting maritime and northern patrols
  • Supporting search and rescue missions
  • Airlifting military personnel and supplies
  • Supporting international operations and helping to maintain global stability

Connecting with citizens on Canadian soil

Beyond their roles as defenders, our soldiers can be found involved in communities, and connecting with Canadian citizens at events such as parades, festivals and sports events like the Stampeders Labour Day Classic on September 7, 2015.

This year's Labour Day Classic between the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos is a celebration of the Canadian Armed Forces, and an opportunity for us to support and honour the brave members of the military who serve our county. Throughout the game, tributes and thanks will be given to the men and women of the CAF for their dedication and sacrifice. The Stampeders Foundation will donate a portion of the game’s 50/50 draw to military charities. All Canadian Armed Forces members in uniform will receive a 25% discount at the Stamps Store on game day.

As a proud sponsor of the Calgary Stampeders football club, Western Direct encourages everyone to take this opportunity to celebrate the incredibly brave men and women who protect our rights and freedom in so many ways. Come out to the game and shake the hand of a hero.

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